Download It Here!

Click on the tape to download the zip.


7 Responses

  1. Just found this in the inbox so snatchin it straight away and will be reporting back later..

    Many Thanks.. 😉

  2. thanks for the heat!

    • Anytime fam

  3. this shit is dope man! .. keep it up

    • Thanks man, much appreciated.

  4. […] I Love Loosies is available for free from 100 Akers. […]

  5. […] “I Love Loosies” was released in 2011, and began as a project from 100 Akres, comprised of unreleased beats, songs with artists, and beats that were supplied for other projects. It was then recently followed with a second installation of more beats and collaborations, appropriately titled “I Love Loosies Pt Deux“. There are 9 tracks, all for free digital download. Check it out. They’re carefully picked and are not pieces that weren’t good enough to make the ‘cut’. They’re pieces that don’t belong to any project in particular. […]

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